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Daran gilt es auch in Zeiten von Dating-Apps wie Tinder wieder zu erinnern. Гhnlich wie hier und wie bei dem heutigen Breitscheidplatz in Berlin verhГlt es sich beim KurfГrstendamm. Spielautomaten zГhlen meist zu 100, bevor dieser zu echtem geld wird.

Gamble Terms

Bet online and play poker for real money. bwin offers the world's largest sports betting platform with over 90 different sports General Terms and Conditions. Firstly, the Copenhagen conference is a gamble on the future. several dictionaries of offensive terms such as words that describe gambling and violence. bet·ting [ˈbetɪŋ, Am ˈbet̬-] SUBST no pl. 1. betting (gambling): betting · Wetten​.

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Read the terms and conditions of P&G's network of web sites, including chat Nutzungsbedingungen der Websites von Procter & Gamble für Verbraucher. So i guess when someone is playing craps they'd just use english terms for everything. Ich habe eine Wette auf Pass (i have a bet on the pass line). Ich setzte 1$. OK. Home · Imprint · General Terms and Conditions · About

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Insbesondere Gamer, Gamble Terms oder vereist Gamble Terms. - Additional Resources

Die Richtigkeit, Vollständigkeit oder Goldmoney Deutschland derartiger Beiträge wird von uns weder unterstützt noch garantiert. Zurück nach oben. Hat wegen seines Glückspiels nie Schulden Uk Gamblers, aber es kann als sein Hobby angesehen werden. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Phrases and terms connected with is more gambling terminology in the other subcategories of Category:Gambling.. Subcategories. This category has the following 4 . gamble Significado, definición, qué es gamble: 1. to do something that involves risks that might result in loss of money or failure, hoping to get. Aprender más. gamble definition: 1. to do something that involves risks that might result in loss of money or failure, hoping to get. Learn more.
Gamble Terms Gambling terms vary far and wide, but we have assembled a gambling terminology glossary here. All the gambling terminology and gambler slang you could ever find will be made clear here. You’ll be speaking the gambling vocabulary after a quick review of this page in no time, including betting terms, and slang for gambling itself. All the sports betting/gambling terms and definitions you need to know. Author: SI Gambling Staff Updated: Jun 23, Original: May 13, There are many unique terms associated with sports. Phrases and terms connected with is more gambling terminology in the other subcategories of Category:Gambling.. Subcategories. This category has the following 4 subcategories, out of 4 total. Gambling terms and casino terms can be hard to understand even for the most advanced of players and this is why we’ve put together this complete gambling glossary. We’re going to talk you through some of the most common gambling phrases right down to the wild and wacky gambling lingo. Gambling Terminology and Casino Terms. The online gambling world has its own language and terminology that is used by online players. Acronyms, abbreviations, and slang words were invented by players as a faster way to communicate with one another. English term or phrase: market (in gambling terminology). I am translating an FAQ for a gambling website. Problem is, I don't gamble. Does anyone know what. Read the terms and conditions of P&G's network of web sites, including chat Nutzungsbedingungen der Websites von Procter & Gamble für Verbraucher. So i guess when someone is playing craps they'd just use english terms for everything. Ich habe eine Wette auf Pass (i have a bet on the pass line). Ich setzte 1$. German Translation of “gamble” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over German translations of English words and phrases.
Gamble Terms Dog: Short for underdog, a dog is perceived as the least likely side to win and is tagged with plus pricing. W Wager: Placing a bet on any event offered at a sportsbook, casino or racebook. And no, the crap portion of this word was not a judgmental adjective — it was referring to the game of crapsa gambling game in which a pair of dice are thrown or shot.
Gamble Terms Cancelar Enviar. If the Submission is related in any way to Gamble Terms promotion, sweepstakes, contest, giveaway, or similar program, Additional Terms may apply. Toke: A gratuity or a tip. Add gamble to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Third Street: The first round of seven-card stud poker. MTT: It is a term used to describe tournaments that have more than one table in it, as it is short for Multi Table Tournament. Shortstop : A player who does not wager large sums. Grease is bribe which is offered to a dealer in a casino. To top. Arm: It is believed that some keen players can manipulate the outcome of dice rolling. Click here for more information about cookies. Anyone who gambles on the stock exchange has to Doppelkopf Гјben prepared to lose money. These My Hospital sites are only for your convenience and therefore you access them at your own risk. C2 [ I or T ] to risk moneyfor example in a game or on a horse race Play Slots Online Free Bonus Games.

C2 a risk that might result in loss of money or failure :. Her publishers knew they were taking a gamble when they agreed to publish such an unusual novel.

Dangers and threats. To gamble is also to do something that you think is worth doing although it might not succeed or you might lose money :.

Starting up a new business is always a gamble. Gambling in the form of state lotteries is used to raise money for education.

The gamble paid off and the President's reputation as a strong leader was enhanced. Investors gambled that the US interest rate rise would be the last one this year.

Large numbers are gambling on the house price boom - a gamble they may regret if prices fall or interest rates rise. In the s casinos began to spread , providing alternative places to gamble.

Phrasal verb gamble sth away. Examples of gamble. Notable among these was gambling, whose flexibility and familiarity accommodated many of the constraints of clandestine prison activities.

From the Cambridge English Corpus. The term was used in gambling argot to refer to a gambler. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

The government gambled that outcries from vested interests would neutralize each other and that unions would be divided and powerless. Reversals of preference between bids and choices in gambling decisions.

Definition: an inscrutable face that reveals no hint of a person's thoughts or feelings. Poker is not a terribly old card game, or at least the word for it is not, as it appears to only have begun being used in the s.

A good Poker-face, one that will not betray the nature of a hand by change of countenance, is a valuable possession.

In current use gimmick is perhaps most often used to describe some form of marketing or attention-gathering ploy, although it also may be found referring to a physical item, such as a gadget.

The earliest gimmicks are believed to have been gadgets, although of a certain type. The player has little chance to beat the game. The pot in question was the accumulated bets made in a poker game, and the jack came from the provision that a pair of jacks was necessary to begin betting.

That portion of the community who delight in fulls, flushes, straights and jack-pots came to grief in the Police court this morning. Louis Post-Dispatch St.

Louis, MO , 19 Jan. Definition: to become more tenacious, zealous, or resolute in a position or undertaking. Recent usage also connotes a certain infamous fast-food sandwich, which we will neither confirm nor deny having tried.

Definition: a business or undertaking with an outstanding record or likelihood of profitability. Well before we had blue chip stocks or companies we had the simple blue chips that were used for betting in card games like poker and faro.

As the blue chips were typically assigned the highest value in these games, the term became extended to refer to other financial matters which were thought likely to be profitable.

The red chips in card games are generally less valuable than the blue, and red chip may also be found referring to stocks those which are viewed as less desirable investments than blue chips.

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Fees and charges will appear on your mobile bill or be deducted from your pre-paid balance. STT: It is the opposite of the previous term; it refers to tournaments with one table, as it is short for Single Table Tournament.

NH: It is short for Nice Hand; it is what players say to compliment other players for their hand if they win.

VNH: It is short for Very Nice Hand, it is when players have an amazing hand that they won. NT: It is what is said to players when they play a good hand but lose.

PF: It is short for Pre Flop, which refers to anything that happens before the dealer deals the three cards that represent the flop on the poker table.

PFR: It refers to a player who raises the stakes before the flop is dealt. It is short for Pre Flop Raiser.

PL: It refers to the limit of the pot, it is short for Pot Limit. PTL and PTR: They are terms that refer to players depending on their position to the speaker.

S: It is short for suited which means that they have the same suit. So S K7 means that the King and the Seven have the same suit.

TAG: It is a term used to refer to players who are aggressive and tight. It is short for Tight and Aggressive. TPBK: It refers to the poker hand of players if they have a Top Pair with the Best possible kicker.

TPGK: Like the previous one but instead of the Best Kicker, it is a Good Kicker. TPNK: It is when players have a Top Pair but with No Kicker.

TPWK: It is when players have a Top Pair accompanied by a Weak Kicker. WPT : It is short for World Poker Tour. WSOP: short for World Series of Poker, which is one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world.

WSOPME: Refers to the Main Event of the WSOP. Action: Refers to a bet or a wager. Bad Beat: It is a term used to describe a hard loss.

Bet or Wager: Placing an amount of money or anything of value on the outcome of a race or a match. Bet Limit: It refers to the maximum bet that is accepted by a bookmaker on a particular bet.

Book: An organization or an individual that accepts wagers and bets on sporting events or races. Bookie: The person that accepts the wagers himself but sometimes Book and Bookie are used to describe the same thing.

Bookmaker: Someone who accepts bets under the law. Chalk: The Favorite. Chalk Eater: A bettor who always wagers on the favorite.

Circled Game: A game that is limited due to unexpected weather conditions or injuries. Cover: Winning by more than the spread.


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